The Everyday Things that Matter the Most – or why I'm running in the council elections

Municipal decision-making plays an important part in our everyday lives. Actions taken at the municipal level produce the daily services we all need; and they can tackle everything from climate change to putting a stop to marginalisation and social inequalities. The Helsinki City Council needs someone who is not afraid to stand up for family-friendly issues and to defend the principles of equality.

It is vital for parents living through the peak years of juggling work and young children to have a voice when and where urban policy is made – someone who will try to resolve this day-to-day juggling exercise on their behalf.

It is not easy to defend one’s interests while on family leave, with one’s hands full of the demands of a brand-new life. It’s not easy, either, when you are constantly running between work and the day-care centre or children’s hobbies.

Family-friendly Helsinki

Family-friendliness and equality need a champion on the City Council, a defender who will make sure that decision-makers take notice of the ever-broader frames of the family and of their diverse needs. I want to be a voice for Helsinki families – of all different shapes and identities.

Municipalities play a huge role in crafting ways of making our everyday lives run smoothly. I mean an everyday where children have enough dependable adults around them, where public transport flows the way it should, and where educational and recreational facilities are close at hand. I want family services to be easy of access, to have the resources required to do the job in all necessary languages, and to be available as and when they are needed.

An even-handed Helsinki

Helsinki must be able to guarantee accessible early-learning services for all, to provide resources to counter violence against women, and to promote employment opportunities among female migrants to Finland. Equality does matter: it is an essential part of ensuring the welfare, security, and seamless daily-life of the city’s residents.

The good life, not just today but tomorrow

I want to see a Helsinki where the city’s investments are sustainable; that they secure a liveable planet for our children. I want to see a Helsinki that is an open and international metropolis that takes good care of the newly arrived and provides help in gaining employment and assistance. Remember, too, that Helsinki is the country’s largest employer. Let us make it an attractive, family-friendly place to work, and in this way help guarantee the means to maintain the services we need daily.

It is in the city’s own interests that we live well, that things run smoothly, and that everyone has equal opportunities to use our common services.

How do YOU feel we could make Helsinki a better place for us all? What could still be improved for the international residents? Drop me a note, or get in touch.


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